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A digital projector is an electronic device capable of connecting to a computer or other device and projecting video output to a screen or wall. Digital projectors can either be fixed to the ceiling, placed on a stand or can also be portable. Digital projectors are used in situations such as office training or presentation sessions, classroom teaching, and home cinema.

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For your money, you are guaranteed to get stunning 4K quality and incredible color contrast. This means enjoying your favorite film and TV series in the best quality and impressive sound. The model boasts impressive stereo sound along with a stunning visual experience. This is where the Optoma UHD 60 actually compares with other models on the market.


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BenQ is perfect for those who want to make the most use of 3D movies. Buy BenQ W2000 3D Home Cinema DLP Projector, enjoy your favorite films in 3D, calibrated for cinematic color, this projector is perfect for watching movies, and with 3D compatibility you can also watch your favorite characters in your garden. The projector comes with powerful 20W speakers, with the BenQ Audio Enhancer ensuring a good bass and stereo sound. With both HDMI and USB imports, this projector is great for Blu-ray and smart sticks.


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 Anker Nebula Mars II Pro 

The Nebula Mars II has a limited selection of ports: only one USB and 1 HDMI port, but it makes up for it in some ways. First, it runs a full operating system (Android 7.1), so you can download popular streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix directly on the projector. It also works with an app called “Nebula Connect”, which lets you stream content from your phone to the projector (copyrighted content is not streamed).


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Apeman Mini Projector 

If you want full-size movies on the go, your projector can also fit in the palm of your hand. Apeman made it easy to pack and go for a weight of only 200 grams. It is well suited for entertainment, offering full HD 1080p at 1000: 1 with a very high contrast ratio. This should get you through the entire two hours of film on one charge, and it gives you a lens life of 45,000 hours. This mini projector is everything you need for parties or presentations and offers a cord free function so you can use it anywhere. The screen size increases from 30 inches to 100 inches, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Connect it to your phone, laptop, or other mobile device via an HDMI or MHL input port. The projector comes in a tripod built with fully functional 360 degree rotation.





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