How Android Apps are Created

To make your perfect Android, iOS or web app can be a tricky and confusing adventure. This blog tries to clear that cloud in your mind and helps you to explore important steps from beginning to end. You will know the detailed process of what you need to do to prepare yourself properly and keep every little aspect in mind.


Refine your idea and what do you want to achieve with it

Define the look and how you make it

Start the application development lifecycle

Publish in the App Store

Define your idea 

First of all, it is important to think about all the functionalities that you want to include in your application. Ask yourself what the main function of the app is going to be and what is the problem to solve it. In other words, why does the user need your app and why would they keep using it after downloading it? In addition, it is recommended to look at the competitors and analyze what kind of apps are already in the market for you. Keep expanding your idea until you have something viable.

alt="how android apps are created"what is your aim? 

Your goal may be to develop an app for Android from an existing website or to help yourself with certain tasks, hobbies, etc. The idea of ​​an app can come from all kinds of situations. Keep in mind that it should be useful. It should look good and have enough users. It is a good practice to plan on the building process. You need to take care of three main areas: product, development and profitability.

Make Rough Sketch? 

Once you know what you want your app to look like, put it on paper. You do not need to be an expert to show how the app is going to work and to create simple sketches (mockups) to show how the user will navigate through the application. Keep in mind that the design should be simple and intuitive. If the user does not understand how it works or does not know where to click, they will likely stop using it.

App Builder Solutions 

Many mobile app builder services such as Appy Pie and Buildfire are available online, allowing you to create an app with a drag-and-drop interface. The trade-off is often that the features are too limited, or not customizable to really fit your use-case. Also, it is very difficult to create a great UI experience based on the templates provided by the services. Overall, this is an easy way to start, you will hit the hard limits of this approach very fast.

Appy Pie


Mobile Roadie


Andromo App Maker

alt="how android apps are created"


If you have decided to build an Android app by yourself, then you should know that to distribute it, you must be registered as a developer in the Google Play Store and wait for approval. It is important to work on its status in the Play Store to ensure that your application is not unused. Implementing  strategy can help to become discoverable to potential users and increase the number of downloads.

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